Mr Unpronounceable Adventures

Mr Unpronounceable Adventures - Tim  Molloy Tim Molloy, you are a very unwell puppy...

One part Lovecraft, one part Kafka, one part Burroughs, one part Cronenberg, and all "out there". Not since Neonomicon has a graphic novel made me feel so unconfortable. Our eponymous hero, accompanied by his pet homunculus (a bite of whose flesh transports our hero to distant dimensions), embarks upon a series of bizarre adventures where inexplicably ends up murdering himself / being decapitated / impregnated / attacked by robot monkeys, etc.

My favourite line:

"Thrice, I engaged in forbidden congress with ravenous succubi in exchange for dominion over lower forms of insects."

Oh, and Max Planck is an interplanetary Steve Irwin.

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